August 26, 2012

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As promised in the 5-minutes salad post, this is how I make my raw fermented vegetables, also known as sauerkraut or kimchi. Some recipes advice using probiotic powders or other starter cultures, which will of course influence the taste and the probiotic contents of the finished product, but I like this super easy recipe, using no starter at all. Using a fermentation crock pot also makes the whole process nice and tidy, but you don’t even need one.

It is as easy as 1-2-3, really :

1 white cabbage

about 500g carrots

2 leeks

about 1 tablespoon salt

enough water to cover the vegetables

1. Wash and prepare the vegetable. Keep the outer leaves of the cabbage and slice by hand or using a mandolin or a food processor. Peel the carrots and either slice them in full or half moons, or if you prefer, into thick julienne. Cut the leeks lengthwise, and then cut segments the size of a little finger.

2. Mix the vegetables together in a large bowl, add the salt and enough water to cover them. At this stage, cover the vegetables with the whole cabbage leaves and press down following your fermentation crock pot’s instructions, or press down using a plate and a weight, as shown on the picture. I use weights, but a big mason jar filled with water is perfect too. You want as little vegetables floating around as possible, ideally none.

3. Cover with a cloth, if using a home-made system. Store in a warm place and wait.

That’s it. I keep it on the kitchen counter, and from the second day, I can literally hear it fermenting : little blub blubs as bubbles are released to the surface. Mine is usually ready in 3 to 4 days, but the time it will take depends on the temperature of the room, the vegetable used, and of course, your personal taste. The longer you allow the vegetables to ferment, the more sour they will taste and the softer they will be. From the second day on, just go ahead and do your taste testing. When it tastes as you like it, transfer the kimchi into jars and store in the refrigerator to stop the fermentation.

One can get really creative with homemade fermented vegetables : use purple cabbage for a pink sauerkraut, use different vegetables, play with spices, … variations are endless !

What is your favourite fermented vegetables recipe ?

Keep Smiling

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