September 24, 2012

Dear One,

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Many ready-made foods are actually dead easy to make, and once one makes them, apart from a few exceptions, one usually never goes back to the store-bought versions. Fermented vegetables is one of such foods for me. It is ridiculously easy to make, taste way better than any store-bought jar, and last but not least, home-made means I can make it just how I like : choice of vegetables, slices one time, cubes or julienne the other, the  thickness of the slices, spices, …

You do not need a fermenting crock pot to make your own fermented vegetables, a home-made system works just as well, as discussed in this recipe for  homemade raw fermented vegetables / sauerkraut / kimchi.

But we literally always have a batch of vegetables fermenting, as we aim to eat fermented vegetables everyday for the probiotics. I decided to buy a purpose-built crock pot because it is a bit tidier than my previous technique. It is also more stable, it can even be considered decorative, and it means I have access to my large bowl to prepare big batches of kale chips

The process is exactly the same whether using a crock pot or not.

1. All your equipment should be perfectly clean, sterile, if possible. So start by washing your vegetables and washing your crock pot with boiling water. You don’t really need to use any soap, but you can rinse it with vinegar. Air dry.

2. Prepare the vegetables. I used a mandolin to make super thin strands of cabbage and carrot and leek slices. You can cut the vegetables using a knife, or use a food processor. If you use a mandolin, be very careful not to cut your fingers, as those babies have super sharp blades.

Prepare the cabbage first :

Add 1 tablespoon crystal or sea salt to the cabbage, and thoroughly massage the salt in.

Prepare the other vegetables :

By now, the cabbage will have softened and released some liquid. Add the other vegetables to the cabbage :

Put the vegetables into the crock pot, along with 1 litre of fresh pure water (spring water or flitered water). Using your fist, push the vegetables down. Cover them with the whole cabbage leaf you kept aside, and weigh them down with the stones :

Cover your crock pot :

Leave your crock in a warm room (like a kitchen). It will take a few days for the vegetables to ferment, 3 to 5. From day 2, the vegetables should start releasing some gas, and smelling ‘fermented’. Check on them and taste them daily.

Stop the fermenting process when you like it by transferring the vegetables to glass jars and putting them in the fridge. For crunchier vegetables, ferment then about 3 days. The longer they ferment, the stronger the taste and the softer the vegetables.

But again, remember, you do not need a crock pot to make your own home-made fermented vegetables / sauerkraut / kimchi.

To your good health

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  1. Can I just use my crock pot without turning it on, for this? The one has a really good seal to it; the other is a small crock pot with a plastic lid. What do you think? Also, can I simply find some stones (rocks) that has been washed really well?

    • Sorry for my late reply, I missed your comment 😦
      Did you go ahead and tried using your crockpot and clean stones as weights, as I believe that would have given you excellent results ?
      How did you go ?

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