September 25, 2013

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Raw marinated vegetables are a staple for all raw foodies out there. It is a great way to get lots of vegetables into you, and you can use whatever vegetables are in season and change the flavours by using different oils, herbs and spices to create a different raw food stir-fry every time.

Chop your chosen vegetables into bite-size pieces, add a marinade of oil, vinegar or lemon juice and any other seasonings of your choice and allow to marinate for the vegetables to soften. Eat as is, or for an even more decadent meal, make a sauce to pour over.

A playful way of serving your marinated vegetables is by putting them on skewers and serving them with a dipping sauce.

Broccoli and mushrooms are two of my favourite vegetables, and the Japanese-style flavour combination is just spot on for me : so tasty I just can’t help but hummm all along as I eat it. Do try it and let me know what you thought, please.

Japanese style marinated vegetables

Serves 2 :

1 broccoli, chopped into small florets

about 100g chestnut mushrooms, quartered

1 large or 2 small purple haze carrots, diced thin

1 red bell pepper, cut into bite-size squares

yellow bell pepper, cut into bite-size squares

1 red onion. quartered

Marinade :

2 tbsp. toasted sesame seed oil *(not raw, but so much tastier than untoasted sesame oil)

3 tbsp. sesame oil

1 tbsp. brown rice vinegar

1 tbsp. Ume Su (Umeboshi plum seasoning) – or more rice vinegar if you don’t have this

1 tbsp. tamari or shoyu sauce

1 tbsp. rice mirin

1 tbsp. mikawa mirin (made with sweet rice and no salt) – or more mirin if you don’t have this

1 lemon, juiced

1 tsp. chilli flakes (optional)

Almond chilli dipping sauce :

2 tbsp. almond butter (raw if possible)

1 tbsp. genmai miso (brown rice miso) or mugi miso (barley miso)

1 tbsp. rice mirin

1 tbsp. mikawa mirin (made with sweet rice and no salt) – or more mirin if you don’t have this

1 lemon, juiced

a little piece of fresh ginger root, about 1inch or 2.5cm

2 garlic cloves

1 tsp. chilli flakes or 1 small fresh red chilli

about 1/2 cup water, or enough to reach you desired consistency

Put all your vegetables in a medium mixing bowl and toss with the marinade ingredients. Allow to marinade for at least an hour, but ideally for a few hours. I usually make this after lunch to eat for dinner …

You can prepare the almond chilli sauce ahead, or wait until you are ready to eat. To do that, simply bland all the sauce ingredients until smooth, adjusting the quantity of water to your desired consistency : you want it liquid enough that you can pour it, but creamy enough so that it beautifully coats the vegetables.

To serve, either split the marinated vegetables into 2 eating bowls and pour the sauce over, or put the marinated vegetables onto skewers, alternating them, and serve along side with the dipping sauce in small bowls.

Marinated vegetables on skewers with almond chilli dipping sauce

PS: It seems like a lot of ingredients, but this is actually really super fast and easy to make !

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  1. This sounds right up my alley! I love the flavor combinations you used. Great tip with the skewers too, that makes the veggies look really exotic!

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