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August 23, 2012

Dear One,

If you are reading me for the first time, welcome to my blog, and thank you for stopping by. If you have been here before, thank you for visiting again.

The immense health benefits of adding green vegetable juice to one’s diet are becoming more and more well known, and deserve a whole blog post, and more. To name but a few :

  • Juicing your produce allows you to ingest nutrients from a wide variety of produce. Over 2 kilos of produce are needed to make a litre of the green juice below. It would take too long for most of us to chew all of that for breakfast.
  • Juicing your produce means the nutrients are easier to access and quicker to absorb. ‘Which one is better ? Green juice or green smoothie ?’ is another very common question, and one that deserves a dedicated blog post as well. Let me just say here that juice will be absorbed quicker and a smoothie will ‘keep you going’ for longer.
  • Green juice alkalises and hydrates ones body, making it less susceptible to develop disease and illnesses and with fantastic effects on skin appearance and energy levels.

And the list goes on …

There are also endless green juice recipes, and we all have our favourites. I started my juice ‘journey’ with apple and carrot juice, then I added lettuce, cucumber … Then I switched to a majority of greens and carrot, beetroot, apple or pear for sweetness. I have now noticed that my taste buds have adjusted to green ONLY juice. Of course I still have fruit juices, and there is nothing wrong with adding fruit to your green juice, but by not adding any fruit one gets more of the alkalising benefits !

The subject of today’s post, though, is the question of WHICH JUICER to use. This question has been addresses time and time again. I am adding my contribution to the debate by publishing a review of the 2 juicers I own, a JuicePresso (Hurom-like) and a Champion. I came to the conclusion that the best juicer is the one you will use everyday (:-)

I started my juicing life with a basic pre-owned Philips centrifugal juicer a friend handed to me saying : ‘I got it as a gift many years ago, but I never use it. It will serve you more, as you like all things natural and healthy …’ I am still thanking him ! H if you read this, thank you (:-)

Juicing grew on me so much that I started thinking about upgrading to a better device : I was looking for one that was more silent and that extracted more juice to start with … That’s when I met a Champion for the first time ! Not only it was more silent, but the taste of the juice was also like night and day ! I fell in love again with apple – carrot – lettuce – lemon – ginger juice.

I was set to get myself a new juicer, and went out there to do my research. The result of hours and hours of research is that the juicers available on the market today (or a couple of years ago) score as follows :

1. the NORWALK (a 2 stage juicer : triturator then hydrolic press)

2. twin gear juicers like the Green Star / Green Power

3. single auger juicers like Omega (horizontal), Hurom-type juicers (vertical), and the Champion

4. centrifugal juicers

I excluded the manual juicers, as although they can give excellent results with wheat grass, they require a lot of elbow grease for harder fruits and vegetables. I am not sure whether it is actually POSSIBLE to juice watermelon rind, carrot or beetroot with a manual juicer …

The Norwalk being WAY OUT of my budget at 2400 USD (yes, 2400 american Dollars …), I decided to go for the n°2. I was so excited to receive my Green Power that the minute it arrived, I unpacked it and set to make some apple – carrot – lemon – ginger juice, my then-favourite juice. Well, it was indeed wayy more silent than the Champion, let alone my Philips centrifugal juicer … But God! I had to push those carrots in !!!  I tried it a few more times, hoping it would get easier, but it didn’t at all ! The juice itself was certainly one of the tastiest I have ever had, but the assembling, pushing, de-assembling, washing … was just too much for me, and I knew I would not have the will power to use this fantastic, but oh so complicated juicer often. It just wasn’t the juicer for me (:-(

I went for a Champion, which I had seen operate, used and cleaned myself. I knew I was actually going to use everyday !

On how I got a JuicePresso is another story, and I had big hopes that it would do a better job at wheat grass juice than the Champion, which it does.

So, anyhow, please give a shout for the 2 stars of the day, each set to juice a bowl of 1,386g of produce each :

For a little over 1 litre of green juice : (split between

1 Cucumber

1 Celery head

1 Bok Choi head

1 Green peppers

2 Lemons

Fresh ginger root (a small piece about the size of a little finger)

Results :

I recorded the time it took me to juice the produce, and the time it took me to clean the juicer (including cleaning the sink, but not re-assembling the juicer back, as I air-dry the components)

JuicePresso : 5 minutes to juice – 6 minutes to clean

Champion : 3 minutes to juice – 3 minutes to clean

The Champion IS faster. Juicing AND cleaning. And and did put the pulp in a second time into the Champion. Doing that doesn’t really work in the JuicePresso, as the pulp just clogs the screen.

How about juice yield ? The Champion DID yield a little more juice, but more FOAM … The juice from the Champion has less pulp -I prefer it like that. With the JuicePresso, some fibre seems to ‘escape’ and find it’s way into the juice … but some prefer their juice with juicy bits … it is a matter of taste, really.

Conclusion : I will go back to using my Champion more often, especially if I am not juicing wheat grass.

Disclaimer : This post is not an in-depth review of all juicers available on the market, and any opinion expressed here is just my personal experience / opinion, or result of research.

At the end of the day, the BEST juicer in the world is …

(are you ready ?)


And the second best is the NORWALK, Hahahahaha

What is your favourite juicer ? And your favourite green juice recipe ?

Keep smiling,

Till next time

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